Melissa Russell (virusq) wrote in uh_leather,
Melissa Russell

Caution: Crazy Joker Fans Ahead

It occurs to me that we, the crazy Joker fans, have been far too quiet.

I know there are quite a few of us, lurking about the community. I know you all have questions and demands. I know you've all been way too patient to speak up.

And I'm kind of tired of being ignored.

So, here's the plan. Straight out of the ME1/ME2 LI playbook:

Let's barrage tomorrow's Bioware Pulse live Q&A (08/19/2011 @ 9:15 AM PDT) with questions about our favorite pilot. David Silverman's an awesome guy and he really does read every tweet that rolls by, so I'm sure we'll be heard.

The Mass Effect 3 live Question and Answer forum is scheduled for 08/19 at 9:15 AM PDT. You can find a time-zone converter here. Questions/comments must be tweeted to @biofeed or @masseffect to be seen by the Q&A screening panel. Questions are generally accepted ONE HOUR before the actual Q&A.

Just in case you need some inspiration, here are some sample questions:

"Will Joker be a love interest in ME3?"

"You've hinted at deeper friendship mechanics in ME3. How much deeper can the Joker relationship get?"

"Joker kicked some major ass at the end of ME2. Can we expect to see him step it up in ME3?"

Invent your own question or copy and paste. I don't care! Don't have a Twitter account? Sign up, or use a friend's! JUST REMEMBER to keep it NICE. We don't want to BREAK OUR TOYS; above all, be respectful!

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