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Mass Effect Marathon -- TODAY!

Hey guys! I know we’ve already plugged the Mass Effect Marathon on the board this week, but I really felt it needed a little more support.

The Mass Effect Marathon started this morning and will continue through Saturday and Sunday. Their goal is to reach $10,000 to donate to Child’s Play Charity, which I’m sure you’re familiar with.

They’ve already reached $5,000 today, but I know there are more Mass Effect fans out there lurking around!

Plus, at the end of each playthrough, they’re going to raffle off copies of Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 autographed by Mark Meer and Seth Green.

(And the awesome gaming swag that a $5 donation could win you.)
Joker will kick your ass

F!Shep/Joker Drabble Thing

So, from time to time, I'll get ideas for random scenes that I have no idea what to do with. I write them down, because they amuse me, and usually they just kind of languish in word files and never see the light of day. I decided that this is a sad thing and that even though these drabbles are outside anything like current canon, they should still be shared with the world.

Thus, I present a randomly found fanfic scene!

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Star Wars: Wes x Hobbie
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Making Babies in Space

There's a really interesting article on io9, this morning, regarding "Making Babies in Space" and the effects of zero-g gravity on embryos.

"The researchers simulated zero-G conditions on Earth and then placed embryonic stem cells inside. They discovered that 64 percent of the stem cell proteins were fundamentally different from how they would be in normal gravity. And the changes weren't good - most of the altered proteins would weaken bones and allow increased oxidative damage to DNA. Damage was also done to proteins involved with the immune system, proper cell division, calcium levels, and much more."

So, maybe we have it all backward. Maybe we should be focusing less on Joker's zero-g activities and more on his mother's.


[ Click here for the actual article ]

FFic: Guardians of the Gate

Hi!  I bring some Joker fic (in progress) for you.  Meant to be a different take on when Joker says: "The last two years sucked."  Feedback welcomed and loved. Enjoy!

Guardians of the Gate
Characters: Ashley Williams, Jeff “Joker” Moreau, Admiral Hackett, The Illusive Man, Dr. Chakwas, Kelly Chambers, Zombie!FemShep, others
Genre: Science Fiction/Angst/Adventure
Warnings: Not beta'd. Hopefully, I've caught all errors. Mild spoilers for LotSB. No guarantees of a romantic subplot, but it may work itself in.
Rating: M  - crude language, violence, adult situations
Synopsis: Chief Ashley Williams and Lieutenant Jeff "Joker" Moreau have an adventure in 2184 after Shepard is listed KIA. Politicians and Cerberus get their grimy little hands in everything. Things explode.

1 - Awakening - (Where was his Chief? She didn't look like she could fight her way out anything. It set his nerves on edge.)
2 - Need to Know - ("No. I want you to focus on Lazarus. Shepard is your priority. I'll deal with Joker. I hear he's fond of red heads.")
3 - Sheep and Wolves - (He blinked, stunned at his aim. She squeaked in surprise, dropping her datapad, and spluttered a series of colorful, very unladylike invectives.)
4 - Break, Break, Break  - (Arguing with the good doctor was not conducive to his health—or staying conscious at least. She had drugs and knew how to use them.)

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Joker will kick your ass

Random Fanfic

I was digging through my Mass Effect fic folders (of which there are many) and re-discovered this little snippet I wrote after playing a particular Firewalker mission. I'm pretty sure I've never posted it anywhere, so: sharing time!

Title: Volcanoes, or Why Joker Really Deserves Some Kind of Shiny Medallion
Rating: G
Characters: FemShep, Joker, Garrus, Zaeed

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Normandy's Pilot


Okay, so I've got this WIP that I've been kicking around for quite a while, and I thought I'd share a section of it with the comm to see if people think it's worth beating into shape revising. Be warned: this is one of the fluffiest pieces of fluffy fluff I've ever written. It is so fluffy and sweet it makes cotton candy look like a rock in comparison. FemShep/Joker pairing (what a shock, right?).

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Reasons for Joker/Shepard

I've completely ignored my favorite community and I feel really bad about that. So here's to make up for it! (ps: Thanks rhiannon87 for reminding me). I know my fellow Shoker fans'll appreciate some "fangirling".

So I was having fun thinking about the reasons there should a Joker/Shepard pairing for ME3 (or even DLCs for ME1&2) and thought it might be fun to start a post about it (this was a thread started on Shore Leave Friday - if you hadn't gotten through it yet). These are the ones I came up with. What are yours? Mine is focused on Fem!Shep/Joker because that's what I play, but throw in M!Shep/Joker too if you want!

Reasons for Shepard/Joker
- Pilot/Heroine aspect (Wash/Zoe, Atton/Exile, HanSolo/Leia...)
- Ever present Loyalty and stability
- He's the only one out of the crew who KEEPS saving HER.
- She risked her life (sacrificed) herself for him.
- They both can call each other out on their BS.
- "Everything fell apart without you"
- "You tell them! You're not doing this to me again."
- Only a year a part in age.
- Shepard needs someone with a sense of humor in her life, in any play through every Shepard goes through hell no matter what.
- He supports her. Cerberus, Alliance, Renagade, Paragon - he's her friend and pilot.
- She trusts him to carry on the mission and won't risk his life to save her.
- Both were well known for their time in the Alliance.

I've also began collecting stories for my Lost Datapads site, but I believe I'll be creating a different site for Shepard/Joker to show some support to the cause. If you have any suggestions for it, let me know.
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Normandy's Pilot

Fanfic fanfic fanfic

Hmm. Probably should have linked this here a while ago. OH WELL. I did a one sentence challenge for my FemShep and Joker. I tried to keep it "canon" with ME2, in that Joker isn't a romance option yet, so it's more about their friendship and such.

I'm also toying around with doing a Shadow Broker dossier on him... anyone else done something similar?